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Windsor Ruby Earrings

  • Conic 2.6 carat lab-created sapphire engagement ring.
  • Tarnish-resistant sterling silver for enduring beauty.
  • 14 round DiamondAuras for regal sophistication.
  • Explore replete regal effects with matching earrings and pendant.
  • Collection expands to lab-created ruby or gold-clad with emerald options.


sku: 15312

House of Windsor Dazzlers: Embrace royal elegance, afford timeless sophistication effortlessly

Regal allure, affordable elegance – Windsor Dazzlers enchant with grace

Step into the legacy of House of Windsor Dazzlers, where romance and sophistication converge in a timeless embrace. Over two decades since Shy Di’s iconic blue sapphire engagement ring, we bring you an affordable marvel: a 2.6 carat lab-created sapphire, prong-set in tarnish-resistant sterling silver. This royal-blue beauty is encircled by 14 round DiamondAuras, reminiscent of ladies-in-waiting at a regal court, available in whole sizes 5-10.

Experience the replete regal effect by complementing the engagement ring with our 3.2 carat lab-created sapphire earrings, adorned with 14 round DiamondAuras, or opt for the 2.6 carat lab-created sapphire pendant on an 18″ sterling silver chain. The House of Windsor Collection expands its allure, offering the same enchanting setting in lab-created ruby or gold-clad with emerald, allowing you to adorn yourself in the timeless elegance of royal love stories.