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Windsor Emerald Ring

  • Real-life enchantment with a legendary 2 5/8-carat emerald.
  • Lab Created DiamondAura accents add brilliance and elegance.
  • Scientifically grown gems and gold vermeil for regal allure.
  • Oval cut gem in a secure four-prong setting.
  • Available in size 7, celebrating romance and timeless elegance.


sku: W5276

Discover real-life enchantment with our legendary emerald and DiamondAura® accents

Royal Elegance: Legendary Emerald with DiamondAura Brilliance

Step into a real-life fairy tale with the enchanting story of a ring that transformed an ordinary English girl into a genuine princess. This captivating tale has come to life once again, as a brand new royal romance blossoms, reigniting the magic of a legendary emerald. Lab Created DiamondAura accents add a touch of brilliance to this timeless piece, ensuring that the tale of happily-ever-after continues to unfold.

The ring features a remarkable 2 5/8-carat emerald, a symbol of enduring love and enchantment. Scientifically grown gems and gold vermeil contribute to the regal allure of this piece, creating a truly majestic aesthetic. The oval cut gem, securely held in a four-prong setting, showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define Stauer’s commitment to excellence. Available in size 7, this ring is a celebration of romance, elegance, and the magic that comes with every true love story.

Embrace the allure of our legendary emerald ring, where real-life enchantment meets timeless elegance. With Lab Created DiamondAura accents, this piece captures the essence of a fairy tale romance, offering you a chance to experience your own happily-ever-after.