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Vintage ’24 Watch

  • Vintage ’24 Watch captures 1920s style at a lower price.
  • Inspired by the era of jazz and speakeasies.
  • Features a precision movement, stainless steel caseback, and black leather band.
  • Fits wrists up to 8 1/2″, 39mm case, 20mm band.
  • A tribute to the era of wristwatches’ rise in popularity


sku: 54349

Upper Class Just Got Lower Priced

A 1920s price for a 1920s-style watch

In the history of timepieces, few moments were more consequential than the advances of the 1920s. Currently, inflation is roaring, which we’ve decided to fight by turning our prices back to the 1920s.

During that era of jazz, speakeasies and flappers, wristwatches came into their own, resulting in some of the greatest designs of all time. It’s that legacy that we’re honouring with the Vintage ’24 Watch, available exclusively through Stauer at a price that only we can deliver.

Before World War I, most people carried pocket watches. In that conflict, soldiers adapted their old pocket watches so they could be worn on their wrists as they dove in and out of trenches. By the war’s end, nearly every soldier wore a wristwatch. In peacetime, demand flourished, as did fantastic designs by some of the greatest watchmakers we know today.

That’s where we come in: Instead of charging you $20,000 for a jazz age-style timepiece from some overpriced marketing department, we’re offering our Vintage ‘24 Watch at a price that turns back time.

  • Precision Movement
  • Stainless steel case back
  • Black genuine leather band
  • Hour, minute and second hands
  • 45 grams
  • Case 39mm W x 4mm T
  • Band 20mm W x 4mm T
  • Fits up to 8 1/2″