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USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

  • USS Enterprise (CVN-65): Largest warship in 1961.
  • First nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.
  • 1:700 model with authentic details and aircraft.
  • Commemorates forty years of service.
  • A symbol of U.S. naval dominance.


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The Eagle has landed

Own a piece of history

When the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) entered in the United States Navy in 1961, she changed everything.

At 1,123 feet long she was the largest warship in the world, providing 4.47 acres of flight deck – its no surprise she was nicknamed the Big E. But it was more than the Enterprises size that guaranteed the U.S. naval dominance. It was her strength. As the worlds first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, no other vessel could even hope to match her.

With stunning authenticity, this 1:700 model recreates the Enterprise, all the way down to the details of the deck, complete with accurate models of E-2C Hawkeyes, F-14 Tomcats, F/A-18 Hornets and other historically accurate warplanes that launched from the Big E.Also included are the letters sailors used to spell out E=MC2 x 40 on the carriers flight deck to mark forty years of service. The Enterprise helped the US Navy rule the waves. Add her to your fleet and shell rule your collection.