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Super Deluxe Speedshaper

Super Deluxe Speedshaper


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No More Ugly Fat & Flab

• Tones Stomach, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Buttocks, Bust,& Flabby Underarms • Weighs 16ozs – fits neatly in a bag • The easy, fast way to tone your body! • For Men & Women

An Olympic Champions Discovery… Ike Berger, who was an Olympic Gold Medal Winner, developed the initial device (Power Shaper) that after many years of refinement is now called the Speedshaper.

It uses two principles – Isotonic and Isometric exercises (known as ‘Synometrics’) – to help develop that lean, trim stomach as well as honing leg, arm and other muscles of the body. Ike found the effect simply amazing and was able to keep in trim, slim shape in only a fraction of the time previously needed in a gym. Ingeniously designed, it’s an amazingly compact, slimming and shaping discovery that takes up no space and just seven minutes a day will help you get that new all-round figure you desire. It slips into a bag or purse and fits anywhere so you need never be without it.

Full instructions are provided to help you solve the seven problem areas, all in just seven minutes a day. This is such an amazing device if you do not see measurable results within 30 days your money will be promptly refunded without question.

”I’m over 50 and thought my fat & flab was with me for life. Synometrics burned it off in only 7 days. In fact, the results came so fast I had to cut my daily workout to 5 minutes to slow down my slimming! It’s the most amazing method I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried just about every gadget I’ve seen in magazines and on TV.” H.Y.