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Stauer Machina Watch

  • The skeleton watch concept dates back to 1760 Paris.
  • The Stauer Machina brings this concept to life.
  • Reveals the intricate inner workings of timepieces.
  • A symphony of golden hardware and 17 jewels.
  • A masterpiece in a square gold-toned stainless steel case.


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The art of the Machine

Let’s start with the man who couldn’t keep a secret.

In 1760, a Paris watchmaker wanted more attention for his small workshop. According to the legend, he removed the face and plates to reveal the inner workings and delicate skeleton of his 18th-century time machines. A fascinated public flocked to his door, and the skeleton watch was born.

We liked his idea enough to bring it back in a time machine. Feast your eyes on the Stauer Machina. We removed the hood. Tore down the curtains. And put everything out in the open. What you are left with is the beating heart of time itself. The Stauer Machina pumps the energy of the coiled spring through springs and gears and a handful of impossibly tiny parts. Flywheels barely thicker than an eyelash. Screws dwarfed by a grain of rice. They work together effortlessly. An experienced orchestra making music with gleaming golden hardware and 17 glistening jewels. Dozens of moving parts counting the seconds and counting on each other. When you glance down at the Stauer Machina, you don’t just check the time, you watch it being made.

Every masterpiece deserves a fitting frame. The square gold-toned stainless steel case of the Machina frames the watch works between panels of wafer-thin crystal. Ornate scrolled details in each corner add a touch of artistry. And a genuine brown leather band accents the golden glint of the metalwork perfectly. Fits wrists 6 3/4″ – 8 1/4″. At what point does a watch become a work of art? When does a magnificent machine become a sculpture? If you look at the Stauer Machina, you’ll realize it’s just about…now.