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Stauer Diverso Dual Chronograph

  • The power of pure imagination in design.
  • Concept cars as futuristic and promising.
  • The disappointment when concepts don’t reach production.
  • Introducing the Stauer Diverso concept watch.
  • Features and design of the Diverso watch.


sku: 20882

This watch shouldn’t exist…

Pure imagination is a powerful thing. When a designer really lets his mind run free, the idea hums with creative electricity. You feel it in your gut. Personally, I’m a sucker for concept cars. Those one-of-a-kind designs that exist only to quicken the pulse and whet your appetite for things to come. Cars that promise the future will be better. All smooth curves, innovation and the profile of a rocket ship on four wheels.

But have you ever noticed that those models never seem to make it to production? At some point, the designer’s fantasy meets the reality of the market. The rocket ship becomes a sensible ride. Ordinary. Economical. Boring. Watches can have the same problem. But not today. Today, the Stauer Diverso goes straight from the designer’s imagination to your wrist. The result is a stunning “concept watch” that delivers form, function and more than its share of personality. It’s remarkable that this watch exists at all. But the best part is that the Diverso exists now. Not tomorrow. Not 10 years from now. It’s here today, hot off the drawing board and working hard with two faces, four eyes and all nine hands!

The Diverso is a dual-time chronograph that packs an impressive number of complications into its polished, stainless steel case. Inside, two quartz movements keep precise time separately and simultaneously. The larger dial on the right features a trio of complications (24-hour, seconds and minutes) as well as a revolving date window. On the left, a secondary dial marks hours and minutes, with a smaller inset complication to count the seconds. The Diverso’s striking orange-on-black design is protected by a beveled Cotswold Crystal and the watch secures with a black, silicon band. Water-resistant to 5 ATM. Take a good look; this is the watch you’ve been waiting for.