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Smokey Quartz 18” Drop Bracelet

  • Destinite™ Bracelet: Channeling Elizabeth I’s mystical energy into modern elegance.
  • Crafted from the same material believed to channel otherworldly energy.
  • Historical homage to John Dee’s divination practices for Elizabeth I.
  • A tangible link to the era of Elizabethan court intrigue.
  • Modern interpretation of mystical energy for a touch of historical enchantment.


sku: 22515

Destinite™ Bracelet: Channeling Elizabeth I’s mystical energy into modern elegance.

Mystical Energy, Modern Elegance: Destinite™ Bracelet.

Step into the mystical realm with the Destinite™ Bracelet, inspired by the historical connection between Elizabeth I and the renowned psychic John Dee. As the “official unofficial” court astrologist, Dee provided the Queen with regular divination and soothsaying, utilizing a magical smokey sphere to glimpse into the future. Crafted from the very material that Elizabeth I believed could channel otherworldly energy, the Destinite™ Bracelet brings a touch of historical mysticism into the realm of modern elegance.

The bracelet pays homage to the spiritual practices of the past, encapsulating the essence of Elizabethan court intrigue and the pursuit of mystical insights. Each piece is a nod to the belief in the power of certain materials to connect with the metaphysical. The Destinite™ Bracelet invites wearers to embrace the allure of the unknown and add a touch of historical enchantment to their style.

This unique accessory serves as a tangible link to the era of Elizabeth I and John Dee, offering a modern interpretation of the mystical energy they believed could be harnessed. Embrace the timeless mystique with the Destinite™ Bracelet, where history and elegance converge in a captivating piece that transcends the boundaries of time.