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Silver Screen Collection

  • Revives the glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
  • 10 lab-created blue sapphires for timeless allure.
  • Chemically identical to mined sapphires, but with superior clarity.
  • Dazzling ensemble with 33 carats of lab-created DiamondAura.
  • Embrace cinematic elegance without the extravagant price.


sku: 38824-fig

Relive Hollywood’s Golden Age with the dazzling Silver Screen Necklace.

Modern glamour meets classic elegance.

Step into the enchanting era of Hollywood’s Golden Age with the Silver Screen Necklace, a tribute to the timeless allure of stars like Lauren, Joan, and Ingrid. In the 1930s, these luminaries shone brightly, draped in elegant, sophisticated jewelry that exuded an air of mystery. The Silver Screen Necklace captures the essence of that bygone glamour, revitalizing the spirit of Hollywood’s glory days.

Crafted with modern science and precision gemstone production, this necklace features 10 exquisite lab-created blue sapphires. Chemically identical to mined sapphires, these gems boast a deep color and flawless clarity that surpasses their natural counterparts. The result is a level of movie star glamour that brings the allure of Hollywood’s premieres and high parties to your ensemble.

The Silver Screen Necklace is a certain box office smash, showcasing 6 1/3 carats of lab-created blue sapphire that delicately dangle alongside a mesmerizing 33 carats of fiery lab-created DiamondAura. With this necklace, you don’t just wear jewelry; you embrace a cinematic elegance that transcends time, all without the extravagant price tag.