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Scienza Crimson Passion Necklace (2 5/8 ctw)



sku: 17598

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How to say I Love You while keeping your big mouth shut

Dont worry about finding the right words, because the Crimson Passion Necklace is prepared to do all the talking. It was designed to impress and built to take her breath away. The striking 2 -carat Scienza lab-created ruby pulses with rich reds inside of a gleaming .925 sterling silver setting. The sultry oval simmers at the center of a fiery white starburst of lab-created DiamondAura rounds.

Our Scienza rubies are scientifically-grown, crafted in laboratories with precise equipment that recreates the high pressures and heat that nature uses to produce gemstones far beneath the surface of the earth. Scienza is chemically identical to the natural gemstone and displays a better color and sparkle than most mined stones, which can cost up to $5,000 per carat for this level of color and clarity. As the pendant dangles gracefully at the end of an 18″ sterling silver chain, this piece radiates a romantic warmth like nothing else. And now you can really crank up the heat!

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