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Ruby & Aquamarine Drop Earrings (50 ctw)



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These earrings hear everything!During dinner, a trusted advisor leans close into the ear of Queen Elizabeth I. He speaks and she nods. Is it news of a secret plot or plans for a midnight rendezvous? Nobody knows for sure, save the aide, the Queen and her earrings. Earrings hear everything. And we like to imagine what they would say if they could talk.

But you can rest assured that our 2 ” Ruby & Aquamarine Drop Earrings arent saying a word. Crafted in the style and spirit of elegant, Tudor-era jewelry, this pair of chandelier-style earrings looks borrowed from the velvet-lined display of a museum. Skilled setters positioned 2 genuine 15-carat enhanced rubies with oval and teardrop cabochons of aquamarine into rustic settings finished in luxurious gold. Extra-long French hooks clasp into place to ensure that the vintage-inspired beauties stay put.

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