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Raw Ruby Bracelet



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Even more precious than the ruby slippers?

Can you imagine a crimson red necklace strung with over 230 carats of precious gems? We designed our extraordinarily faceted natural raw rubies in the most fashionable modern cut.

From the Bible, to the Land of Oz to coronations in royal England, the ruby has always represented romance and devotion. But because rubies are the scarcest of all precious gemstones, they often command steep prices, with auction bids topping out at $3.5 million for a 15-carat stone. But Stauer believes that precious doesn’t have to be synonymous with expensive-a conviction borne out by our new necklace dript with carat after carat of fiery, faceted rubies.

There has always been something magical about that deep red color that elicits a passionate response. And at 235 carats, our Raw Ruby Necklace generates a lot of romantic heat. 16″ long, with 2″ extender.