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Oval Lab Created Emerald Ring

  • Conquer style’s jungle with the 50-carat Oval Emerald Ring.
  • Inspired by the allure of South American exploration.
  • Discover a 50-carat enhanced emerald cabochon in sterling silver.
  • Largest genuine emerald offered, capturing untamed beauty.
  • Shimmering facets bring a piece of the jungle’s mystique to you.
  • Sterling silver frame showcases Balinese craftsmanship.
  • Meticulous filigree and beadwork create an ornate, wild refinement.
  • Exclusively available in size 6 or 7—a true marvel.


sku: W5672-fig

Conquer the jungle of style with our 50-carat Oval Emerald Ring

50-carats of emerald allure awaits you

Embark on a journey through time and style with our Oval Emerald Ring, a captivating piece inspired by the allure of South American jungles and the treasure-seeking explorers who dared to face them. Since the Middle Ages, adventurers have ventured into the heart of the rainforest in pursuit of fortune and glory, and our quest led to the discovery of these giant emeralds—gems that refused to be confined to museums.

The Oval Emerald Ring proudly showcases a magnificent 50-carat, enhanced emerald cabochon, expertly set into sterling silver. This remarkable gem, the largest genuine emerald in our collection, is a testament to the untamed beauty of nature. The vividly-colored stone, with its shimmering facets, promises a piece of the jungle’s mystique on your hand, celebrating the spirit of exploration and the conquest of style.

Our commitment to preserving the emerald’s grandeur is evident in the sterling silver frame, a masterpiece of Balinese craftsmanship. Meticulous filigree and beadwork surround the colossal 50-carat stone, creating an ornate oval that stands as a symbol of the wild and the refined, available exclusively in size 6 or 7—an invitation to adorn yourself with a true marvel of the jungle.