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Oceanus Necklace

  • Celebrate the timeless beauty of seashells.
  • Meticulously crafted with yellow gold-finished stainless steel.
  • Each seashell is a unique creation of nature’s artistry.
  • A distinctive accessory capturing marine elegance.
  • Thoughtful gift symbolizing the beauty of the ocean.
  • 16″+2″ yellow gold-finished chain with a secure lobster clasp.


sku: 53671-fig

Oceanus Amphitrite Seashell Necklace: Nature’s beauty, adorned with yellow gold elegance.

Seashells meet elegance in golden harmony.

In the Oceanus Amphitrite Seashell Necklace, nature takes center stage as we celebrate the timeless beauty of seashells. These exquisite gifts from the ocean, each uniquely shaped and adorned with a variety of colors, serve as the inspiration for this captivating necklace. Mollusks, the architects of these natural wonders, create shells that grow alongside them throughout their entire lives, forming intricate patterns and embodying the essence of marine life.

To enhance the inherent beauty of these seashells, we’ve meticulously crafted a yellow gold-finished stainless steel setting. The marriage of natural elegance and refined luxury is embodied in each piece, making it a distinctive accessory that captivates with its charm. The Oceanus Amphitrite Seashell Necklace not only serves as a symbol of the ocean’s magnificence but also as a unique and thoughtful gift for those special moments in life.

With a 16-inch chain, featuring a 2-inch extender and a secure lobster clasp, this necklace can be comfortably worn, bringing a touch of the sea’s allure to any occasion. Whether as a gesture of love or a personal indulgence, this seashell necklace is a testament to the beauty found in the simplicity of nature, now elevated with the touch of yellow gold.