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Murano Confetto Heart

  • Murano Confetto Heart Pendant – a legacy of glassblowing mastery.
  • Crafted with original Murano glass, showcasing unrivaled craftsmanship.
  • Yellow gold finish pays homage to the tradition of confetti celebrations.
  • Each colored confetto symbolizes significant life events and emotions.
  • Comes with a Murano glass beaded chain for added authenticity.
  • Overall drop of 1 1/2″ with meticulous detailing for timeless elegance.
  • A symbol of enduring love and resilience from the heart of Murano.
  • Embrace the legacy of Murano craftsmanship and elegance redefined.
  • Murano Confetto Heart Pendant – where tradition meets timeless beauty.


sku: 51842-fig

Unlock a Legacy with Murano Confetto Heart Pendant – Unrivaled Craftsmanship!

Embrace Love with Murano Confetto Heart Pendant – Elegance Redefined!

Embark on a journey to Venice’s Murano island, where artisans have perfected the art of glassblowing for over seven centuries. Amidst rising challenges in their craft, Stauer proudly presents the Murano Confetto Heart Pendant, a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and a symbol of enduring love. As one of the world’s largest Murano dealers, Stauer ensures that the legacy of Murano glass lives on in this exquisite pendant.

Featuring an intricate design with a yellow gold finish, the Murano Confetto Heart Pendant pays homage to the tradition of confetti – Italian sugared almonds that mark significant life events. From weddings to graduations, each colored confetto holds a unique meaning. This pendant captures the essence of these delicate celebrations, translating them into a timeless piece of jewelry that resonates with elegance and sentiment.

The Murano Confetto Heart Pendant comes complete with a Murano glass beaded chain, adding a touch of authenticity to your ensemble. With an overall drop of 1 1/2″ and meticulous detailing, this pendant is more than jewelry; it’s a story of resilience, craftsmanship, and the enduring beauty of love. Embrace the heart of Murano and unlock a legacy that transcends time.