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Men’s Automatic Noire Skeleton Watch

  • Stauer’s Automatic Skeleton Watch: A work of art
  • Transparent face reveals intricate mechanical details
  • Complications like sun moon dial and dual time zone
  • High-quality craftsmanship at an amazing price
  • Full disclosure and direct dealings with watchmakers.


sku: 52031

Wear your art on your sleeve

Stauer’s Automatic Skeleton Watch reveals you’re a man of impeccable taste

This beautiful piece of art you see here is an automatic skeleton watch, and it has nothing to hide. With the transparent watch face, you can look inside and see what makes this remarkable timepiece tick. You’ll find 20 jewels, the balance wheel, the escapement, and all the other precision parts on display. You’ll also get a good view of how the genius complications work, from the sun moon dial at 12 o’clock to the dual time zone at nine o’clock. You’ll find yourself checking the time more often, just to witness the mechanical genius and stunning aesthetics. This is a watch that elevates the passage of time into an art form.

Now when it comes to the price, we’re offering you full disclosure there as well, because the only skeletons in our closet are of the timepiece variety. We deal directly with our watch makers and work hard establishing a solid rapport and don’t add zeros simply because of a big brand name. This all means we can bring you the type of watch that commands thousands at an auction house for a an absolutely amazing price.

  • Automatic Movement: 20 jewels
  • Rose gold finished stainless steel crown andcaseback
  • Genuine leather band in black
  • Case Diameter: 46mm
  • Case Thickness: 16mm
  • 22mm band
  • Fits 6.5-9″ wrist
  • Black dial