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Mariposa Collection

  • Mariposa Collection symbolizes the transformative beauty of love’s journey.
  • Italian-made butterflies crafted with precision by skilled artisans.
  • Inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly—egg to cocoon to flight.
  • Intricate wings adorned with shimmering lab-created DiamondAura® stones.
  • Alessandro Bartolini’s team in Arezzo fuses classic and modern techniques.
  • Pendant: 1 1/5 carats, 14K Italian yellow gold-finished .925 sterling silver.
  • Earrings: 2 2/5 carats, 14K Italian yellow gold-finished .925 sterling silver.
  • Timeless elegance and meaningful symbolism in every piece of the collection.


sku: 40851-fig

Mariposa Collection—Italian-made butterflies, symbolising love’s transformative beauty and elegance.

Italian butterflies—love’s transformative elegance revealed.

Embark on a journey of transformation with the Mariposa Collection, inspired by the awe-inspiring life cycle of a butterfly. This collection beautifully captures the metamorphosis of a butterfly—from an egg to a cocoon and finally into a magnificent creature that dances through the skies. Drawing inspiration from this natural marvel, we collaborated with artisans in Arezzo, including Alessandro Bartolini, to bring you the Mariposa Collection. Bartolini and his team, with over 25 years of experience, skillfully fuse classic and modern techniques to craft stunning jewelry that mirrors the butterfly’s enchanting journey.

In the Mariposa Collection, precious metal undergoes a captivating metamorphosis as artisans transform it into whimsical butterflies. The intricate wings of these butterflies come alive with the shimmering brilliance of lab-created DiamondAura® stones, adding a touch of magic to each piece. The symbolism of this collection goes beyond the visual appeal, representing the transformative power of love. We’ve not only captured the essence of a butterfly’s journey but also transformed the price into a thing of beauty. Now, expressing your gratitude for the positive changes brought by love becomes an elegant and meaningful gesture.

Indulge in the beauty of the Mariposa pendant—a Made in Italy masterpiece featuring 1 1/5 carats of brilliant-cut lab-created DiamondAura® stones set in 14K Italian yellow gold-finished .925 sterling silver. The pendant showcases a 25x22mm butterfly with intricate wings that captivate the eyes. The earrings, also made in Italy, complement the collection with 2 2/5 carats of sparkling DiamondAura® stones. Each earring features a 25x22mm butterfly, adding grace and sophistication. The Mariposa Collection is an ode to transformation, elegance, and the enduring beauty of love.