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Lunar Meteorite Watch

  • Exclusive: Lunar Meteorite in a Watch
  • A Piece of the Moon on Your Wrist
  • Limited Edition Men’s Lunar Meteorite Watch
  • Authenticated by Professor Anthony Irving
  • Own a Rare Substance: Lunar Meteorite Watch


sku: 55349

Exclusive to Stauer: An Actual Piece of the Moon!

Own one of just 800 lunar meteorite timepieces!

When you think of the moon, you can’t help but think of the Apollo missions. On those brave journeys to Earth’s only natural satellite, astronauts dared the cosmos, risking their lives to accomplish one of mankind’s greatest feats.

Now, you can have your own piece of the moon. Meet the Men’s Lunar Meteorite Watch, a timepiece that features part of a lunar meteorite in its face. What is a lunar meteorite? It’s a piece of the moon that was ejected from the lunar surface following an asteroid impact. Without question, a lunar meteorite is one of the rarest substances on Earth.

The lunar meteorite featured in this watch was located in Mauritania’s Sahara Desert and authenticated by Professor Anthony Irving of the University of Washington’s Department of Earth and Space Sciences. Dr. Irving’s findings underwent peer review and were published in the peer reviewed 108th edition of the Meteoritical Bulletin.

Sold at auction by Christie’s, this meteorite has been cut and polished to reveal its matrix. For a limited time only, we’re offering this meteorite in our Men’s Lunar Meteorite Watch. Each of the 800 timepieces come with a numbered certificate of authenticity, ensuring the rarity of this watch.

Don’t delay. Once these 800 watches are sold, that’s it. Don’t miss your chance to own one of the rarest substances on the globe.

  • Limited edition watch
  • Authentic moon meteorite between 4 and 5 o’clock
  • Gold-finished stainless steel case with stainless steel case back
  • Case dimensions 44mm x 44mm x 12mm
  • Bezel does not move
  • Genuine brown leather strap
  • Band width 21mm
  • Band thickness 4mm
  • Fits up to 8″ wrist
  • Water resistant to 10ATM
  • 74 grams