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Ladybug Earrings

It’s beetle-mania all over again


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Everybody loves these guys. Who doesn’t remember catching ladybugs on lazy summer days? Legend promised good luck to anyone so enterprising as to keep one as a pet. Love of the ladybug as a garden custodian goes back at least to the Middle Ages, when farmers realized that the little critters ate plant-destroying bugs. After praying to the Blessed Mother to save their crops, ladybugs appeared in great numbers, leading the farmers to dub them “The Beetles of Our Lady.” Now, in North America alone, there are 400 different kinds of Ladybugs. Worldwide? Five thousand.

In jewelry, ladybugs are a regal tradition. In addition to his precious royal eggs, the legendary jeweler for the Russian czars was famous for his elegant animal charms. Inspired by some of those historic designs, our charming Ladybug Pendant immortalizes the garden savior with red and black hand-applied enamel, gold-fused details and fine Austrian crystals for eyes. The pendant dangles artfully from an 18″ gold-fused cable chain and fastens with a spring ring clasp. A pair of adorable post-back earrings complete the set. This time the “cute beetle” is all of them.