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Imperial Rose Jewellery Box

  • Embrace the Imperial Rose Jewelry Box: Where elegance meets practicality.
  • Old-world charm inspired by 19th-century European jewelry boxes.
  • Sapphire blue enamel, golden floral reliefs, and sparkling crystals.
  • Crafted from 14K yellow gold-finished alloy for a regal allure.
  • Practical organization with one large compartment, one small compartment, and two ring slots.


sku: 52656-fig

Elevate her treasures with elegance—the Imperial Rose Jewelry Box beckons

Elegance Unveiled: Imperial Rose Jewelry Box

Step into the realm of refined taste with the Imperial Rose Jewelry Box—an epitome of sophistication to complement your distinguished choices in gifting. As a true class act, you’ve adorned your wife with glittering gold earrings and exquisite emerald and opal rings. Now, the Imperial Rose Jewelry Box stands as a testament to your commitment, offering a luxurious abode for her cherished emblems of esteem when they’re not adorning her.

Inspired by the ornate European jewelry boxes of the 19th century, this storage solution radiates old-world charm. Its sapphire blue enamel exterior, adorned with golden floral reliefs and sparkling crystal accents, captivates the eye. Crafted from 14K yellow gold-finished alloy, the jewelry box is not just a practical storage space but a regal addition to her vanity. Its perfect size ensures that rings, earrings, and bracelets find a secure sanctuary, while its regal stature ensures it won’t be outshone by the treasures it safeguards.

Weighing 314 grams, the Imperial Rose Jewelry Box features a hinge closure, revealing an interior designed with utmost care. It houses one large compartment, one small compartment, and two ring slots—meticulously crafted to organize her jewelry with grace and elegance. Elevate her storage experience with the Imperial Rose, where sophistication meets functionality in a jewelry box worthy of her most treasured pieces.