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Imperial Magnifier Necklace



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Czar spangled bangles

You have to hand it to Czar Alexander III of Russia…the man had good taste. He could have stuck with flowers or chocolate when choosing an Easter gift for his wife, Maria Feodorovna. But in 1885 he commissioned royal jeweler Peter Carl Faberge to create an ornate, bejeweled egg that opened to reveal a golden yolk and even more spectacular surprises inside. The Empress was duly impressed. The elaborate egg became an annual gift and Faberge became an international sensation.

These jeweled, Renaissance-styled earrings and bracelet from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection are based on the striking enamel band studded with diamonds that divides the two halves of the fabled Renaissance Egg presented in 1894. Both earrings and the bracelet feature sparkling Austrian crystals and 24K gold-plate, set atop brilliant blue enamel. The bracelet’s inner circumference is 6-3/4″. The earrings are 3/4″ with 14k gold posts. The hand-enameled, 24K gold-plated Russian Imperial Magnifier pendant is based on an ornate magnifying glass originally designed by Faberge. Pendant length is 3″, width 1-1/2″. Chain length is 36-1/2″. An excellent gift for your own empress!