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Glamour Bracelet in Emerald Green

  • 11 3/4 carats total weight
  • “The Ultimate Diamond Alternative, DiamondAura:(20)4x6mm Oval cut Emerald Green stones; (40)2mm round cut White stones
  • Rose gold-finished .925sterling silver settings
  • 4.75mm wide
  • 7 1/2″ Braceletwith box clasp


sku: 40002

According to NBCnews.com there are five scientifically-proven benefits of travel: improves health, relieves stress, enhances creativity, boosts happiness and lowers the likelihood of depression. When traveling, dont risk these great benefits worrying about losing or breaking expensive jewellery or messing with the hassles and costs of insurance. Youre supposed to be de-stressing right?Sure you could wear a 6,000 bracelet, and cry for days when it goes missing after a particularly festive mamba line at the resort swimming pool. Or, you could wear something equally as stunning that puts a lot less pressure on you to stay on your toes.The Stress-Free Glamour Bracelet is a dressed up sterling silver tennis bracelet that sparkles with all the beauty of emeralds but without the steep price. Created under pristine conditions, the Ultimate Diamond Alternative, DiamondAura has all the fire, clarity and glamour of the worlds best mined emeralds. In fact, you have the scientific advantage of achieving near perfect stones. An 11 carat emerald and diamond bracelet that looks this good would set you back over $6,000. The Stress-Free Glamour Bracelet has a much more relaxing price of 79.So, whether youre celebrating on the road or in your home town, arm yourself with over eleven carats of worry-free elegance and live life to its fullest without emptying your wallet.