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Gilded Mens Bracelet

  • Gold and steel link bracelet
  • Combines beauty of gold with strength of steel
  • Streamlined link design, fold-over clasp
  • Comfortable and conforming to wrist
  • Length: 8”, fits 7 1/2” wrist


sku: 54452

Wear the Metals That Built the World

A gold and steel link forged into one enviable men’s bracelet.

Gold and steel don’t have a lot in common. One is a naturally occurring element coveted for its beauty. The other is an alloy man created by manipulating iron ore to achieve maximum strength and stability. One is delicate and associated with luxury and divinity. The other is rugged and calls to mind hard labor and heavy industry. But together, these strange bedfellows formed the bedrock of modern civilization, from the money we spend to the buildings, bridges and factories we depend on. And now, you can experience the best qualities of both in one eye-catching bracelet.

The Gilded Steel Men’s Bracelet is everything a bracelet should be, rocking the beauty and refinement of gold alongside the strength and durability of steel. With its streamlined link design and fold-over clasp, it’s also comfortable, conforming to your wrist for unhindered wearability. With their powers combined, gold and steel have never looked so good — and neither have you, my friend.



  • Yellow-Gold finished stainless steel
  • Length 8”
  • Foldover clasp
  • Fits 7 1/2” wrist