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Fleur Nouveau Perfume Bottle

Scents and Sensibility


sku: 31166

Containers for perfume have been around since ancient times, but the decorated bottle did not come about until the late 19th century, fueled by the development of mass production, the sensual silhouettes of the Art Nouveau movement and a worldwide relaxation of the Victorian age’s puritanical codes of conduct. Perfume, once the preserve of scarlet women, had become a common place daily delight, and perfume manufacturers began dreaming up new and creative ways to distinguish their fragrances in a rapidly expanding marketplace.These elaborate bottles can cost 100 times more than the fragrances they contain, but with some artistry of our own they don’t need to. We’ve captured the charm and collectibility of vintage perfume bottles with three miniature masterpieces. The Fleur Nouveau Perfume Bottle captures the Victorian era of lavish floral motifs beautifully. This bottle isn’t only an exquisite collectible, it is a functioning decanter. We’ve included a small funnel so you don’t lose a drop of your fragrance should you decide to put this beauty to work.