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Eterno Complete set



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New! Forever blueFew elements have survived the tumultuous T word. Trendy. Its tough to weather the final judgment of whats in and whats out, but from ancient Aztec ceremonial mosaics to the cover of next months fashion magazine, its obvious turquoise isnt going anywhere. The love for this ornamental stone has become as natural as the earth it came from. And whether shes an ancient Egyptian goddess or a modern day career woman, it fits every womans style. It matches her various moods and shifts with her lifestyle, throughout the seasons and throughout the years.

Thats why were sure our new Eterno Turquoise Collection will have permanent residency in your jewelry box. This vibrant collection of dark aqua blue features a necklace, bracelet and drop earrings with 100 carats of turquoise. The faceted stones framed in a gold finish turn the glitter factor up a notch, making them a perfect accessory for both day and night. Shell remember the first time she wears them, but there definitely wont be a last.

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