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Endless Love Amethyst Tennis Bracelet

  • 17 2/3 ctw
  • Platinum-finished .925 Sterling Silver setting
  • (28) round 6mm purple Amethyst
  • 7 1/4″ Length
  • Fits wrist up to 7″
  • Box clasp with double safety
  • 15 grams


sku: 53642

The Score of the Game was 99-Love

Stunning Amethyst at a Price That Can’t Be Beat

All things may be fair in love and war, but this was tennis and I was losing badly. In set after set, my wife was handing my rear end to me. Huffing and puffing all over the court, I sounded like a steam engine as I chased after yet another missed ball. In fairness to me, my wife was once an amateur competitor, but losing this badly to her still wasn’t a pretty sight.

Finally, I’d had enough. Toweling my face, I told her I had a proposition: We’d call it a draw and tell our friends the score was “Love-Love, because our love was endless.” She laughed. “No way,” she said. Then I pulled my bribe out of my gym bag: the Endless Love Amethyst Tennis Bracelet.

Popular from the late 1970s onward, the tennis bracelet has been on the lips and on the wrists of women in the know. Once called eternity bracelets, these thin bands of gems remain a hot ticket item with jewelers.

The Endless Love Amethyst Tennis Bracelet showcases nearly 18 carats of Brazilian amethyst on a platinum-finished .925 sterling silver band. And because we value you so much as a customer, we’re offering this elegant strand of glittering gems at the Stauer incredible price.

The game is set. You have your match. Now it’s time for love. Get yours before we run out!