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Elvira Egg & Necklace

  • Rediscover imperial opulence with enameled eggs and crystal pendants.
  • Inspired by Russia’s Romanov masterpieces and the genius of the Czar’s jeweler.
  • Decorative enameled eggs with hand-painted designs and regal colors.
  • Rest elegantly on gold-finished, crystal-studded stands for a touch of grandeur.
  • Hinged eggs open for both storage and display, revealing miniature Egg Pendants.
  • Miniature Egg Pendants suspended from a 22” gold-finished chain.
  • Magnetic closure for seamless beauty and easy handling.
  • A tribute to Russia’s imperial legacy—innovation meets tradition in every detail.


sku: 54215

Rediscover imperial opulence with our enameled eggs and crystal pendants.

Enameled eggs, crystal pendants—regal innovation revived.

Journey back to the splendor of Russia’s imperial era, where the Czar’s jeweler, a true genius, crafted the famed Imperial Eggs—a symbol of opulence and artistic mastery. Inspired by this legacy, we pay homage to the Romanov masterpieces with our own innovation. These decorative enameled eggs, reminiscent of the regal Romanov style, showcase ornate hand-painted designs and vibrant colors. Resting elegantly on gold-finished, crystal-studded stands, each egg is a work of art that echoes the grandeur of Russia’s royal heritage.

Immerse yourself in the opulence of these hinged eggs, meticulously crafted to open for both storage and display. Inside, discover miniature Egg Pendants suspended from a 22” gold-finished chain—a truly eggs-quisite ensemble. The regal colors dance among the detailed hand-painted designs, and the crystals add a touch of sparkle, capturing the essence of the Romanov masterpieces. The magnetic closure enhances the seamless beauty of these enameled eggs, making them a tribute to the legacy of Russia’s imperial craftsmanship.

Evoke the majesty of a bygone era with our Imperial Egg Collection—a fusion of innovation and tradition. These enameled eggs and crystal pendants embody the spirit of Russia’s royal craftsmanship, inviting you to rediscover the timeless allure of imperial opulence.