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Diamondura 3-Stone Ring

  • Stauer’s DiamondAura: Scientifically crafted brilliance surpassing nature’s wonders.
  • Meticulous process involving rare minerals heated to over 5000°F.
  • Transparent color, clarity, and hardness rivaling D Flawless diamonds.
  • Brilliant-cut design for maximum fire and radiance, mimicking natural beauty.
  • DiamondAura 3-Stone Classique Ring: A fusion of science and timeless elegance.


sku: 15889X

Stauer’s DiamondAura: Where scientific precision meets nature’s brilliance in jewelry.

Stauer’s DiamondAura: Nature’s brilliance, crafted scientifically.

Explore the captivating synergy of science and nature with Stauer’s DiamondAura collection, where the mind of a scientist creates jewelry that rivals and even surpasses the beauty of Mother Nature. Our lab-created DiamondAura gems are the result of a meticulous scientific process designed to achieve brilliance, clarity, and sparkle beyond what’s found in mined diamonds, all without breaking the bank. The outcome is a stunning, fiery, faceted design that stands as a testament to the marriage of innovation and artistry.

Delve into the realm of scientific marvels without getting lost in technical jargon. Our DiamondAura gems are crafted through a process involving rare minerals heated to an astonishingly high temperature of over 5000°F. The result is a clear, flawless marvel that outshines mined diamonds, capturing the attention of even the most discerning jewellers. According to experts in Jewellery and Gems & The Buying Guide, DiamondAura offers “the best diamond simulation to date,” with some jewellers mistaking these stones for mined diamonds.

The DiamondAura 3-Stone Classique Ring is a prime example of this scientific artistry. Crafted in .925 sterling silver and platinum-layered, this prong-set ring features a DiamondAura center, flanked by two DiamondAura brilliant rounds. The gemstones emulate the perfection of D Flawless diamonds, boasting transparent color, clarity, and hardness that can cut glass. The brilliant-cut maximizes the fire and radiance of the stones, creating a breathtaking prism of colors. Available in sizes 6, 8, and 10, this ring is a fusion of scientific precision and timeless elegance.