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DiamondAura Valhalla Necklace



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Your ticket to heaven!Freyja was the Norse goddess of love and beauty, who had her own prize necklace, Brisingamen, that made her irresistible to men, It sparkled with an unearthly and magical light. But Freyja was more than just a pretty face-she also helped choose which warriors went to their heaven of Valhalla. It paid to get on her good side.

The secret behind our exclusive DiamondAura jewelry is more science than magic, but it’s no less spectacular. We’ve collected 36 carats of sparkling white, scientifically-crafted DiamondAura for the Valhalla Necklace. Each link in the luxurious strand features a fiery oval surrounded by microset rounds, set in gold-layered sterling silver. The 18″ necklace secures with an safety lock clasp. And because we were so dazzled, we demanded more. Give her this earthbound version of a mythical necklace, and we promise it’ll be your ticket to heaven.Stauer 30-day Guarantee: Examine your purchase in the privacy and convenience of your own home or workplace, knowing that it comes with a 30-day Guarantee (unless otherwise stated).