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Diamondaura Maravilla

  • DiamondAura®: Brilliance and affordability intertwined.
  • Marquise-cut pendant radiates with North Star symbolism.
  • Exude a million-dollar look without the hefty price.
  • Lab-created DiamondAura® surpasses mined diamonds in brilliance.
  • Transparent clarity and larger carat weights at a fraction of the cost.


sku: 24260-fig

DiamondAura®: Where Brilliance Meets Affordability, Sparkling Stars in Every Pendant

Brilliance Beyond Diamonds, Love in Pendant

Once the exquisite necklace graces her neck, it seamlessly becomes a part of her, as if destined to be there all along. The marquise-cut pendant radiates with the brilliance of the North Star—a symbol of enduring love. As they step out for a night on the town, the pendant guarantees heads turning and envious whispers, letting her exude a million-dollar look without breaking the bank. DiamondAura® transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

In a world where similar collections of brilliant white diamonds could cost a small fortune, DiamondAura® emerges as the beacon of affordability and elegance. While traditional diamonds might reach staggering price tags, our advanced science behind DiamondAura® brings transparent clarity and larger carat weights without the hefty cost. Crafted through a complex process involving the heating of rare minerals to temperatures nearing 5000˚F, every lab-created DiamondAura® adheres to jeweller’s specifications—color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Surpassing even “D flawless” mined diamonds, DiamondAura® introduces superior color dispersion (fire), offering more sparkle and impeccable beauty at a fraction of the price.

Her delight and his admiration are evident, yet amidst the spectacular shimmer of DiamondAura®, it gracefully takes second place to the loving sparkle reflected in her eyes—a testament to the timeless allure of true affection.