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DiamondAura Elegance Studs

Unveil Brilliance: DiamondAura Elegance Studs, 1-Carat Radiance

  • Superior fire and color dispersion: Outshines mined diamonds in brilliance.
  • 5mm round stones: Striking size for an elegant and eye-catching appearance.
  • Secure post backs: Ensures durability and comfort during wear.
  • Total weight of 1 carat: Offers a substantial and visually stunning gemstone ensemble.
  • Timeless elegance with a touch of contemporary flair.


sku: 17685

Twinkle, twinkle, little… no, make that big stars!

Unveil the epitome of brilliance with our DiamondAura Elegance Studs, a captivating pair that seamlessly blends classic charm with contemporary allure. These 4-prong studs, set in sterling silver, are designed for enduring elegance and adorned with 5mm round DiamondAura stones, each weighing an impressive ½ carat. The sumptuous total weight of 1 carat ensures a stunning impact that will illuminate your style with radiant sophistication.

Crafted with precision, these studs boast a timeless design that transcends trends. The secure post backs provide both comfort and confidence, allowing you to showcase their brilliance throughout the day. The sterling silver setting adds a touch of modernity to the classic studs, making them versatile enough to complement any outfit or occasion.

Wear the DiamondAura Elegance Studs as a symbol of refined luxury, an embodiment of your discerning taste. Let the 1-carat radiance be a testament to your unwavering style, ensuring you stand out with every sparkle. Elevate your jewelry collection with these studs that effortlessly balance classic charm and contemporary flair.

Features and Specifications:

  • Classic 4-prong studs in sterling silver.
  • Each 5mm round DiamondAura weighs ½ carat.
  • Sumptuous 1-carat total weight for stunning impact.
  • Secure post backs for comfortable and confident wear.
  • Timeless elegance with a touch of contemporary flair.