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Diamondaura Daphne Gold-finished Pendant



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New! The roots of love run deepAn ill-fated mythological romance inspired us to rewrite theending with our DiamondAura Daphne NecklaceTheres a lot of heartache in Greek mythology. Take the story of Apollo and Daphnehit by Eross arrow, Apollo was head over heels for Daphne. She, in turn, disliked him so much she wished herself into a laurel, leaving Apollo literally barking up the wrong tree. But whats charming about this tale is that even in her arborous state, he continued to love and tend to her. So much so that she never decayed and turned into a beautiful evergreen, her laurel leaves forever after used as crowns to adorn the heads of world leaders.

Weve designed our own version of eternal foliage with the DiamondAura Daphne Pendant. This cascading collection of lab-created white stunners starts with a pear-cut bail and branches out with six marquise-cuts, before ending with an impressive teardrop that dangles like an enticing piece of fruit. Thankfully, there is no mythological magic involved in the transformation of this beauty.

Only Stauers exclusive lab-created DiamondAura gives you the luxury look of large-carat diamonds for a fraction of the price. The ingenious DiamondAura process involves the use of rare minerals heated to incredibly high temperatures of nearly 5000?F. After cutting and polishing, scientists create a faultless marvel thats optically brighter and clearer with even more color and fire than a D flawless diamond. Complete the look with the 18″ chain (not included).

Our exclusive DiamondAura jewelry features all of the classic specifications,including color, clarity, cut and carat weight and is hard enough to cut glass. You get the look of mined stones, without the outrageous cost. So for your own love story, you are guaranteed a happy ending.

Stauer 30-day Guarantee: Examine your purchase in the privacy and convenience of your own home or workplace, knowing that it comes with a 30-day Guarantee (unless otherwise stated).