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Diamond-Cut Dancer 2 Necklaces Set

Diamond-cut gold-finished sterling silver pendants sparkle in any light

  • Set includes two necklaces
  • Yellow Gold-finished .925 Sterling silver settings
  • Each necklace has 16″+2″ chain and spring ring clasp


sku: 54772

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Dont believe the rumors. Contrary to what you might have heard, diamonds dont have the market cornered on sparkle. Sure, they put on a great show, but weve seen and sold some incredible gems that rival and even out-sparkle diamonds for a fraction of the price. Whats more, if sparkle is what youre after, your options arent limited to gemstones alone. Thanks to the ingenuity of some of the worlds best jewelry artisans, theres a way to make simple silver and gold jewelry sparkle like diamonds in the sun.

Commonly found on some of the finest gold link chains, this technique, known as diamond-cutting, requires a skillful hand to cut or grind intricate facets or grooves into the surface of metal jewelry. Taken as a whole, these facets work like mirrors on a disco ball, causing the pieces to glisten radiantly when rotated in the light.

Weve put this technique on full display in our Diamond-Cut Dancer Pendants. Here, .925 sterling silver has been drenched in yellow gold and carefully faceted for maximum sparkle. The result is a luxe two-tone look thats the perfect foil for these playful filigree pendants. Gift the butterfly to the nature-lover in your life or show your love with a heart overflowing with flowers.

Crafted in Jordan, these necklaces are a delight both for their charming design and for their glittering finish. The best part? You can claim both for the Stauer Impossible Price because when you take a lesser-known path to sparkle, youll enjoy great savings along the way.