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Cushion Earrings Emerald Lab

  • Sustainable Luxury: Lab-grown 2.5-carat emeralds, eco-friendly, no mining.
  • Exquisite Brilliance: Outshines natural emeralds in color, clarity, and brilliance.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Human intelligence, avoids environmental damage.
  • Accessible Opulence: 2+ carat emeralds at a sensible price.
  • Flawless Radiance: Inclusion-free, vibrant color, cost-effective.
  • Timeless Design: Classic cushion cut, adheres to gemological standards.


sku: 15402

How can this emerald be green and “green” at the same time?

Our brilliant scientists found a planet-friendly way to bring you lavish 2-1/2 carat emeralds grown to perfection in the laboratory.

Carat for carat, emeralds are the most expensive gems in the world. Ever since they were first found in Cleopatra’s Mines and became the foundation of ancient Egypt’s wealth, radiant, deep green emeralds of over 2 carats have been highly prized for their beauty and rarity.

Greener Green. But mining these stones is a dirty business. Stauer has found a better way. Our scientifically grown Emerald Collection originates from the intelligence of mankind rather than digging deep into the earth’s surface. The win-win result is a high-carat emerald that’s literally and figuratively green-flashing more color, clarity, and fire than emeralds from a mine but without the environmental damage, labor exploitation, and conflict sometimes associated with gemstone mining. And our scientifically grown emeralds are much more sensibly priced.

Being prone to inclusions by the very nature of their turbulent formation beneath the earth, a flawless mined emerald of 2-1/2 carats and good color is extremely expensive-costing potentially $40,000 or more. Our earth-friendly, scientifically grown emeralds are inclusion-free, enabling us to create pieces over 2 carats that radiate with rich, vibrant color but costing a lot less of your green! To take advantage of the exceptional clarity of these lab-created stones, we chose the classic cushion cut. This romantic “antique” design, hugely popular again, plays up their breathtaking sparkle and light-reflecting qualities. Like their mined counterparts, our scientifically grown Emerald Collection adheres to the 4 C’s of gemologyexcellent cut, color, carat weight, and clarity.