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Coppia Ceramic Necklace



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New! Luxurys newest power coupleThe first time my friend told me he had met the love of his life, I was happy but skeptical. He was raised in Alabama; she grew up just outside of Paris. He was loud and outgoing; she was quiet and studious. Thats great! I said. This will never work, I thought.

Then we all went to dinner together. How can I explain the chemistry? It was undeniable. I may have never chosen to put the two of them together, but seeing the love that existed between them, I could never picture them apart. More than twenty years later, theyre still together.

I was equally impressed with another unexpected combinationthe Coppia Ceramic Necklace. The undulating links in this luxurious chain alternate between creamy, white ceramic and stainless steel finished in luxurious gold. Its the perfect merging of contrasts, coming together to create one highly refined chain reaction of style and grace. Both the 20″ necklace and the 8″ bracelet secure with stainless steel foldover clasps. Our Coppia Ceramic Collection proves that sometimes the most exciting and enduring relationships are those that you never saw coming.

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