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Blue Moon Watch

  • Movement: Swiss Precision Quartz Movement, Ronda 762
  • Case, Caseback, & Bezel:Gold-finished Stainless Steel
  • European Crystal Accents
  • Bracelet: GenuineLeather
  • Crystal: Mineral Crystal
  • Case Diameter: 33mm
  • Case Thickness: 6.5mm
  • Band Width: 18mm
  • Water resistant to 3 ATM
  • Battery Type: 364
  • 32 Grams


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Catch this rare timepiece while our offer lasts!Once in a blue moon. Its a phrase that weve all said, a popular idiom in our collective lexicon. But where did it come from? Astronomically speaking, a blue moon refers to the second appearance of a full moon in a calendar month, or the third or fourth moon in a season. But the first known usage of the term blue moon came from an anti-clerical pamphlet written by two Greenwich friars in 1528.In the pamphlet, one friar said to the other: If they say the moon is blue, we must believe that it is true. The phrase referred to priests making ridiculous statements and expecting laymen to believe it was true. The meaning of the phrase was something akin to when pigs fly, but over time it has shifted to mean very rarely.If someone uses the phrase, you can be sure theyre talking about something rare, just like our Stauer Blue Moon Watch. One look and you know its one of a kind from its striking midnight blue face encircled with European crystals that also mark the hours, to it’s shiny blue leather band.Timing is everything in catching a blue moon, just as timing is everything with this watch. This timepiece features Swiss precision movement the finest there is.Buying a one of a kind watch like this at a store would cost you at least a grand, but because Stauer designs its own watches and does away with the wholesalers, were pass the savings on to you. Our exclusive price is just a fraction of what a watch like this would cost you at the store! Marrying Swiss movement with haute couture, the Stauer Blue Moon Watch is an exceptional timepiece that only shows up once in a while.Movement: Swiss Precision Quartz Movement, Ronda 762Case, Caseback, & Bezel:Gold-finished Stainless SteelEuropean Crystal AccentsBracelet: GenuineLeatherCrystal: Mineral CrystalCase Diameter: 33mmCase Thickness: 6.5mmBand Width: 18mmWater resistant to 3 ATMBattery Type: 36432 Grams