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Bengal Blues Sapphire

  • 50 total carats of enhanced cerulean sapphires.
  • Sterling silver finished necklace for bold elegance.
  • Adventure-inspired design with a touch of wilderness.
  • A steal of a deal with a diminutive price.
  • Elevate your collection with this unique, captivating piece.


sku: 48806-fig

Bengal Blues Sapphire Necklace—50 carats of cerulean perfection, adventure-inspired elegance.

Adventure-inspired elegance: Bengal Blues Sapphire Necklace.

Embark on an adventure of elegance with the Bengal Blues Sapphire Necklace, a jewelry piece inspired by a backpacking misadventure in the jungles of southern India. Picture this—lost in the jungle after dusk, a rumbling sound fills the air, and you encounter a 500-pound Bengal tiger. Luckily, a well-aimed shot from a local, Rahul, saves the day. Over dinner, Rahul shares tales of his family’s mining operations and the pride they take in their sapphires. Now, the Bengal Blues Sapphire Necklace brings that adventurous spirit and exquisite gemstones to you.

This necklace is a true testament to nature’s wonders, featuring an impressive 50 total carats of sapphires. The cerulean gems are gently enhanced to achieve the ultimate luster, capturing the essence of the vibrant jungle. Set in a sterling silver finished necklace, this piece is a harmonious blend of big, bold style and intricate craftsmanship. The Bengal Blues Sapphire Necklace is not just a steal of a deal; it’s a wearable story of adventure, courage, and the beauty found in unexpected places.

Elevate your jewelry collection with this unique piece that doesn’t just stop a tiger in its tracks but captivates all who behold its cerulean perfection. Join the journey of the Bengal Blues Sapphire Necklace—a tale of elegance and allure inspired by the wild.