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Athena’s Shield Earrings

  • Athena’s Shield Earrings: Inspired by Greek myth.
  • Crafted in Italy with gold-finished sterling silver.
  • Diamond cut finish for a reflective surface.
  • Symbolic of heroism and divine protection.
  • Available at a divine price.


sku: 55228

Embark on a Hero’s Journey

Inspired by myth, crafted by masters

When the Greek hero Perseus embarked on his quest to slay the monster Medusa, he had a few tricks up his sleeve: a mighty sword from the god Zeus, a helm of invisibility from the god Hades, winged sandals from Hermes to help him fly, and a shield from the war goddess Athena. But this was no ordinary shield for warding off blows. With her menacing head of serpents and deadly gaze, Medusa could turn any man who looked at her into stone. The shield boasted a highly reflective surface; by looking into it instead of directly at the monster, Perseus could see his target while evading her powers. His mission fulfilled, he returned the shield and presented the beast’s head as a gift to Athena.

Inspired by this legend of heroism and enchanted talismans, we’re pleased to present one of our own: the Athena’s Shield Earrings. Forged of .925 sterling silver drenched in 14k yellow gold, each earring features a diamond cut finish to reflect light from every angle. The effect is a striking display of Italy’s world-renowned craftsmanship. Long associated with divinity for its resemblance to the sun, gold has always been the most highly used metal in Italian jewelry design. And because we can’t get enough of Italian gold, Stauer has an office in Arezzo, Italy, enabling us to secure truly bewitching deals. Now you can gift the goddess in your life the shield of Athena, at a divine price.

  • Made in Italy
  • Yellow Gold-finished .925 Sterling Silver setting
  • Overall drop 18mm
  • Width 13mm
  • Depth .75mm
  • Post back
  • 1 gram each