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Amber Artisan Necklace

A windfall of “Prussian Gold”


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Our search for the finest amber took us deep into Northern Europe, along the jagged coast that borders the Baltic Sea. Millions of years ago the same region was overrun by prehistoric forests and crowded with glaciers, resulting in some of the richest amber deposits in the world. We traced the footsteps of the great amber merchants of Knigsberg, who searched for “Prussian Gold” along the ancient sea floor.

Remarkably, we discovered an impressive cache of high-quality material for our Amber Artisan Necklace. Threaded along the 28″?strand are exquisitely-shaped dark beads and almonds, interspersed with highly-prized transparent gold amber used to form faceted beads and meticulously-cut, tiny spacers. The necklace comes to a beautiful point with a dangling pear drop of smooth, dark amber. Hidden within a pair of amber beads, you’ll find a threaded, screw clasp. Collecting this much high-quality amber takes time, we don’t see a windfall like this every week.