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3-Strand Tourmaline Necklace



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A trip to Tuscany included a visit to an old family vineyard, tucked back in the rolling, striped hills of the Italian countryside. Before my first sip, the owner insisted we walk. He stopped to snap a bunch of glistening dark grapes off the vine and asked what it took to make a great wine. Before I could answer, he said, “Imagination, luck and time.” And with that I realized we had more in common than just a love for the taste of a 1985 Sassicaia.

Our stunning 3-Strand 850 carat Tourmaline Necklace was created with the same patience and passion as the world’s finest vintages. Each tourmaline gemstone formed underground over centuries, its rich spectrum of violets, pinks and reds enhanced by unique conditions and chemistry. We’ve polished each stone smooth and linked three strands with hand-knotted jeweler’s thread to create an impressive bouquet of purplish gems. The 20″ necklace fastens with an elegant .925 sterling silver toggle clasp. Colors change depending on the light: from bold and brilliant in the noon sun to subdued and sultry by candlelight. This is luxury jewelry to be savored and sipped. And like any fine wine, when shared with the right woman, this necklace can make the night unforgettable.