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1949 Ford Mercury

Scale 1:3212.7cm Long Precision Die-Cast Replicas


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Scale 1:32—12.7cm Long Precision Die-Cast Replicas.

Henry Ford II took over an ailing company from his grandfather in 1945. By 1948, things were looking even worse. Lagging sales caused by designs that hadn’t changed since before WWII had placed Ford on the edge of bankruptcy. A new design team led by George Walker and Engineering VP Harold Youngreen then came up with a radical new design that proved to be just what everyone wanted. The new “bathtub” design featured an integrated body and fender that, along with the “slab sides” gave these cars a sleek continuous line. This design won Ford the prestigious Fashion Academy Award “Car of the Year”. “Hotchkiss Drive”, a smoother ride made possible by flexible new rear springs, “Magic Action” king-size brakes and “Picture-Window” visibility, also enhanced performance. Ford became, once again, the number 1 selling car. Mercury had its best year to date, finishing in 6th place in sales. With sales doubled over 1948, Ford was out of trouble and once again the favourite car. Precision-Engineered to Original Ford/Mercury. Specifications These 1:32 replicas are filled with authentic details. With opening bonnets, doors, and boots, we guarantee that these die-cast reproductions will give you the same thrill that over 1.3 million Ford/Mercury customers had in late-1948 and 1949.