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1936 Bugatti Atlantic 57S (Silver)

  • Relive the post-war joy with the iconic MG TC Midget.
  • Desktop replica capturing the lovably cheeky “Safety fast!” era.
  • Two-door roadster design symbolizing freedom and exhilaration.
  • Rare opportunity to own the world’s most expensive desktop car.
  • Embrace the enduring charm of the MG brand.
  • Precision replica by Stauer for vintage car enthusiasts.
  • Perfect addition to desktop showcases and automotive collections.
  • Experience the timeless thrill of driving a classic MG TC Midget.


sku: 30110

Experience the thrill of the iconic MG TC Midget now!

Park the rare MG TC Midget.

Unleash the exhilaration of a bygone era with the MG TC Midget, an automotive masterpiece that embodies the spirit of post-war freedom and fun. As MG resumed sports car production after contributing to the war effort, the TC Midget emerged as a symbol of joy and exhilaration for a nation ready to embrace the thrill of the open road. Now, you can park the world’s most expensive and rare car right on your desktop, a timeless reminder of an era when MG declared, “Safety fast!”

The TC Midget, with its distinctive two-door roadster design, is a living testament to MG’s commitment to providing drivers with a driving experience that transcends mere transportation. Our desktop replica captures the lovably cheeky essence of the TC Midget, reminding enthusiasts of the era’s exuberance and the enduring charm of the MG brand. Whether you’re a vintage car collector or simply appreciate the elegance of classic automobiles, the MG TC Midget is a must-have addition to your desktop showcase.

Stauer brings you the rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history with our precision replica of the MG TC Midget. Experience the “Safety fast!” allure and park this iconic roadster on your desktop, where it can inspire conversations and evoke the timeless thrill of driving a true classic.