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18” Silver Woven Chain



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Huge ruby found on Bali

This gemstone necklace showcases a 22-1/2 carat facet cut ruby set in a frame of .925 sterling silver. Just as great works of art use magnificent frames to accentuate the artistic talent within, so this gemstone benefits from an ornate frame to draw the eye inward to the true beauty in the center. The ruby, raised above the silver detailing is first surrounded by a bezel of silver and then wrapped with a twisted silver rope. To make a more impactful statement, the background features a pattern of hand-crafted silver loops radiating from the pendant’s center. The Oval Ruby Pendant Necklace measures approximately 1-1/4″ by 1-1/2.” It suspends from an 21″ silver snake chain and secures with an spring ring clasp. Drape this pendant around your neck for a finished, polished look. For a bolder look pair the oval ruby pendant with our handmade 18″ sterling silver woven chain with shepherds hook (sold separatelty).