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14k Gold Earrings & Necklace

  • Unearth the enchantment of South American Emeralds.
  • 20 carats of radiant emeralds in 14k gold.
  • Legends of Cleopatra, Incas, Mayans, conquistadors, and maharajahs.
  • Ancient beliefs link emeralds to intelligence, well-being, and good luck.
  • A fortunate find, bringing luck and love to your collection.


sku: 16773

Discover Luck, Love, and Legends with Our South American Emeralds

Luck, Love, Legends: South American Emeralds

Embark on a journey through the enchanting landscapes of South America, where our story unfolds. After exploring the mystical “Lost City” of Machu Picchu in Peru, our adventure led us through the majestic mountains and down the Amazon into the heart of Brazil. In a quaint old village, we encountered a merchant with a mesmerizing collection of iridescent emeralds. Each gem, smooth and radiant, resembled perfect rainforest dewdrops, leaving us captivated by their allure.

The unbelievable prices seemed almost too good to be true, leading to a brief moment of skepticism. However, there was no mistake. Upon returning home, I had 20 carats of these exquisite emeralds meticulously strung in 14k gold, creating a gift wrapped with love for my wife’s birthday. As she shares stories of Cleopatra’s cherished love for the green gem and the reverence emeralds held among the Incas, Mayans, Spanish conquistadors, and Indian maharajahs, she unknowingly becomes a part of the ancient beliefs that emeralds bring intelligence, well-being, and good luck to those who wear them. Little does she know, this fortunate find might be an unmatched stroke of luck.

Our South American Emeralds collection allows you to partake in the mystique of these legendary gems, weaving stories of luck, love, and ancient beliefs into the very fabric of your jewelry collection. Cherish the allure of these emeralds and embark on a journey rich with history and significance.