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At Stauer, we are more than just another brand. Dive into the world of Affordable Luxury Timepieces

Our belief in the power of stories, whether grounded in truth or inspired by legends, connects us to yesteryears and paints visions of what’s to come. These tales shape our shared memories, acting as our guiding light and collective heartbeat. They possess the magic to whisk us on journeys, even from the comfort of our homes, reminding us that true luxury can be accessible.

Elegant Stauer jewellery piece highlighting intricate craftsmanship.
Stauer: Where timeless elegance meets affordable luxury.

Yet, not all narratives resonate with authenticity. The jewelry world, with its tales spun from sheer exaggeration, once claimed, “How else can two months’ salary last a lifetime?” as a mantra to justify extravagant prices.

But we at Stauer saw this differently, offering a fresh perspective. Our European narrative, seamlessly intertwined with our US counterparts, starts and concludes with you, our valued customer.

Earning one’s keep can cater to life’s essentials, with most prioritising daily necessities. However, everyone deserves moments of luxury, be it through timeless Watches, exquisite Jewellery, or a thoughtful Gift to a loved one. And that’s our cue.

While opulence often boasts inflated price tags, we venture beyond boundaries to bring you treasures without the premium. Tanzanian gemstones? We scale the heights. Exceptional deals on pearls? We’re already on it.

By fostering genuine relationships with miners and artisans, purchasing in abundance, and selling directly, we bid adieu to the middle tiers. Thus, our patrons experience luxury that doesn’t break the bank.

But this is merely our method. At the heart of Stauer lies our purpose. It’s about ensuring everyone revels in their worth, understanding that the bonds we share are priceless, and ensuring that elegance isn’t just a luxury for the few.

So, if ever you see someone with an impeccably crafted accessory, perhaps from our Accessories collection, or even a collectible from our unique Collectible Cars range, don’t be surprised if they lean in with a twinkle in their eye, urging, “Come closer. I’ve got a tale for you.”